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How We Are Different



We do not exceed your expectations.

We will redefine them with you...

And perform to your standards.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard of service - yours.

Unlike typical recruiting firms, we know where the best people are and how to get them.  We provide highly qualified, fully screened candidates who will improve your bottom line.


A Better Process For A Better Fit

betterfit_image.jpgOur process is a predetermined way to achieve results and ensure consistency.

We are dedicated to putting the right people into position. Only screened, pre-qualified people who are interviewed and referenced by our Talent Scout Team
and who are prepped appropriately will be presented for your consideration. We identify talented people who are highly skilled and enthusiastic about coming to work for you.

The right people for your jobs!

Client Discovery Process
Your Account Manager will work with you to develop a qualified profile of your company and your needs. This provides proactive and consistent attention to ensure your success.

Candidate Discovery Process
We know who’s who in the marketplace and how to get them. We position your career opportunity in a positive format to attract highly motivated and well educated, capable people who can make an immediate impact.  We do not pull candidates off of the internet!  And, you no longer have to sort through hundreds of unqualified resumes and candidates.

Screening Process
Yes, we really do check references and verify degrees!  Other assessments are available upon your request.

Presenting Process
"Sizzle!"  We tell you how our candidates can impact your bottom line.  Whether they can save you money, increase your revenues, develop and introduce new products - we bring our candidates to life with details on how they will impact your company.  We don't just "send you the resume".

Negotiating Process
Takes the "emotion quotient" out of the deal. Everyone is pre-closed.

Follow-up Process
We call you and the placed candidate periodically to ensure that this placement is working out to everyone's expectations.

Our Quality Control Process keeps us accountable to you!



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