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About Us

Choosing an executive search firm is not an easy task.

You need a company who has a reputation for excellence in finding the executive who is right for your organization. Ideally, that company will also have consultants you trust, respect, and would work with you collaboratively to insure the best results.

 We believe for many, if not all searches, we are that firm.

The Process

Our Process Driven Team been established to achieve the results You want in a cost effective manner within Your timeframe.  Our Client Discovery Process guides us to understand Your true needs.  Our Candidate Discovery Process guides us to determine the true motives, needs and capabilities of the people we present.

The Team

Teams are incredible things. No task is too large, no accomplishment too great.   Our pro-active team members achieve more and continually improve because they are empowered to take action.  We understand your needs and are ready to deliver! 

They each are vested with responsibility and authority.  Responsibility gives them the desire and authority gives them the means to achieve exemplary customer service.  And, with over 20 years of staffing experience placing thousands of people in temporary, contract and full-time positions, we clearly know how to work for you!

Our Mission is simple......

...to make a difference by providing solutions that help companies grow and candidates enhance their careers.        

Our Vision is clear.....

...to become a market leader by combining our passion, experience, philosophy and best practices to create solutions that go above and beyond consistently.

Our Core Values begin with Honoring God in all we do, using

Integrity ~ doing the right thing every time.

Respect ~ to observe the "Golden Rule" ~ always. 

Service ~ to diligently serve and support our customers.

Responsibility ~ we don't make excuses or place blame.

Commitment ~ is demonstrated in our heartfelt passion to support your company's mission, vision and core values.

We abide by the Ethical Standards of:

Patty Toth
Direct Line: 843-650-6464

Email: patoth@sc.rr.com

Ted Toth
Direct line: 843-450-0977

Email:  tedses@sc.rr.com

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