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In order to ensure that we do the best job for you, our business partnership requires 2-way conversation, knowledge and trust.

Train your recruiter: Educate us on your company’s culture, history, current performance and future goals. Tell us what kind of personalities and work styles will fit best and add value to your company.

Set clear expectations: Establish mutually agreeable processes and benchmarking to ensure good communications and expert service for you. Your job orders should be well defined, current and include expected abilities, experience desired, goals and performance standards. They should be submitted in writing to your recruiter.

Beware of cut-rate deals: People are your most important asset. Treat them as an investment. Cut-rate pricing usually comes with cut-rate service. Choose a search firm that utilizes their time and money to fill your needs correctly.

Provide feedback: Keep talking to us! Maintain an ongoing dialogue to keep us abreast of changes, feedback on our performance and that of our candidates. Work with us to develop performance benchmarks. We will then put into place a measurement system to give you accountability and help us both identify emerging needs and opportunities.

clients_image1.jpgChallenge Us: We focus on more than filling orders. Consider involving us in your company’s business planning. We offer insight on staffing capabilities, workload variations, market data and more. Challenge us to help you solve your problems.


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