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How to Work With Recruiters


Finding high caliber candidates is a tough job.  We look for and recruit only the best - and it's your job to demonstrate that you are, in fact, the best at what you do.  Don't hide your light underneath the bushel basket by underselling yourself with a poorly written resume or blowing the interview by not knowing how to respond. 

There are all kinds of recruiters out there, good ones and bad ones. If you have interviewed several and have been able to select the one that is right for you, here are ideas on how to make the relationship a "win - win" for everyone!

2. Offer your recruiter exclusivity:  Don't make recruiters compete with your own job search. Let your recruiter pre-screen and qualify companies so you don't have to. It's the recruiter's job to know who is hiring and what skills are in demand. You don't need to apply to every job on the internet. If you see a job that interests you, let your recruiter know about it.  This will actually save you time and money and reduce interruptions in your workday.  This also means that you only have to train one recruiter on who you are and what company culture you are seeking. 

3. Show your recruiter that you are committed to search process by building a partnership that will last for years and produce long term, high quality results.  Make the recruiter part of your team.  Let your recruiter serve as a consultant; this will produce high quality 
interviews and offers that are what you are truly seeking.  

4. Provide all of the information the recruiter requests in a timely fashion. This is a demonstration of your commitment to the recruiter.  Also, events can happen quickly and the information may be of utmost importance. 

5. Promptly return all of the recruiter's phone calls. 

6. Set up a regular schedule for talking to the recruiter and getting progress reports. Keep your name in front of the recruiter. 

7. Require performance and professionalism from the recruiter. 

8. Refer any contact from a potential employer to the recruiter.  Yes, there really are companies that try to step around the recruiting firm!

9. Require the recruiter to pre-screen and qualify any potential employers. 
10.  If your recruiter counsels you in any way or suggests alterations to your resume, listen, correct, change and heed the advice.  Your recruiter is the expert. 

We've saved the number 1 rule for last.  The most important rule of all is:  

1. BE HONEST with your recruiter!  Do not lie, "fudge", embellish or use any type of nonsense with your recruiter. It will turn around and bite you, no matter what. Do not falsify any information on your resume.  Yes, we really do verify degrees and we really do call your references.  If you have a problem or concern, discuss it openly with your recruiter and together you can decide how to  handle the issue. 

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